Why Ads?

This is my personal site where I share what I know about SEO, digital marketing, and web development. While my primary goal is to help others learn about search engine optimization (and maybe laugh a little), my secondary goal is to work towards a new mouth.


It sounds crazy but my goal is to raise about $25,000 to pay for life-changing oral surgery. It’s life-changing because I’ve lost many teeth and the ones remaining are ugly, broken, and often hurt. I love to teach and present about SEO, but doing so is challenging when you’re too embarrassed of your teeth to really open up.

ClearChoice has a solution: dental implants. I went in for a consultation a few months ago and it was a positive experience. Positive until it came to financing. I couldn’t get the financing I needed for the extensive amount of work I need. 

Will ads on a dinky little SEO site pay for new teeth? Probably not, but it gives me a goal that’s a bit more tangible than organic rankings and visits.

Every year I work a little harder to better myself. I suffer from anxiety and depression, so working on myself isn’t cosmetic, it’s necessary for survival. 

So far I’ve stopped drinking sugary drinks, stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped drinking alcohol, lost 25 pounds, and exercise at least once a day. My failing teeth seem to be the remaining dent in my self-confidence. 

Want to help? Tell me what to write about. What questions do you have about SEO? 

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