How to Remember to Start Toggl

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Toggl is a free, online time-tracking app. You can upgrade to get more robust features and reporting, but the free version does what I need it to. 

The weekly report alone saves me a ton of time in filling out my time sheet.

The only problem: remembering to start it at the beginning of the day.

The first step is to add the Toggl website to your browser favorites. In most browsers you can drag the URL to the favorites bar. Toggl has a unique favicon setup that actually changes when it’s tracking time or is off.

Toggl will show a gray favicon when the timer isn’t running.
When Toggl is tracking your time, its favicon will turn red.

This provides a great visual cue, but that’s assuming you logged into Toggl first thing. When I first started using Toggl, I failed miserably at starting the timer each morning.

To solve this, I first tried to create a recurring meeting invite for myself at 8 am. However, this failed, too, because the Toggl timer event was bundled together with all of my other daily calendar reminders, such as people on PTO and team meetings.

My ultimate fix for remembering to start Toggl is to add a daily event at 8:15 am (or 15 minutes after your workday begins). This allows your daily reminders to pop as a group followed by the single alert to start Toggl.

Remembered to start Toggl but don’t know how to use it? Check out this post by Amy Oztan.

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