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Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business in Philadelphia is offering a brand new Digital Marketing Certificate program in 2018. I will be teaching the SEO portion of the program in a mix of in-person and online classes. Students of this digital marketing program will range from university undergraduates to professionals to those who just want to accelerate their career in online marketing.

The full certificate program includes 5 courses:

What to Expect from my SEO Class

Students may enroll in the SEO course at Drexel as a standalone option but I highly recommend they take advantage of the full Digital Marketing Certificate program. The certificate course showcases some of the smartest and engaging digital marketers in the Philadelphia area and successful completion of this program can provide students with a deep understanding of today’s media.

For the SEO class, my goal is to provide students with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. The class will be focused on communication: how websites communicate with Google, how Google communicates with its users and how digital marketers can communicate with clients to get things done. SEO can be tough to learn. It can be even harder to explain, which is necessary in the business world to get buy-in.

Students who enroll in this program will learn valuable strategies to become digital marketing and media professionals. They will not only learn how to wield digital media for brands. They will know how to explain why it matters.

These skills will help bridge the gap sometimes seen between social media, pay-per-click advertising, traditional advertising and search engine optimization.

SEO Course Outline

  • Understand the differences between paid and organic search results
  • Learn the fundamentals of how search engines work and the major ranking algorithm components of organic search
  • Explore the history of SEO and how to stay informed in a fast-paced industry
  • Understand how web pages can communicate with search engines in their own language
  • Identify the many types of search results and how a user’s search can change them based on consumer behavior
  • Discover keyword research tools, techniques, and strategies
  • Understand how authority is used in ranking web pages and how to improve a website’s popularity and user experience
  • Understand how to optimize for Local SEO and the differences between local and national SEO campaigns
  • Get introduced to non-traditional search engines such as Amazon and YouTube
  • Learn how to translate complex SEO issues into business goals for key stakeholders

Is this course right for me?

Great question! This program will empower students to develop strategies for online advertising and marketing. These courses are designed for undergraduates, professionals and for those who are looking for a career change.

Will this course be available online?

The course will be held on-campus at Drexel’s business school, LeBow. Here’s the address:

Gerri C. LeBow Hall
3220 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Will I get an AdWords Certification, too?

The instructor for that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) module will ultimately make that decision. Please contact them on this page for more information.

Will there be a certification exam?

The instructors, along with Drexel administrators, are developing the full course curriculum as well as a final certification requirement for each digital marketing module, as well as an overall project. The final deliverable for each module will be up to the instructor. For the SEO class, the final project will be the creation and presentation of an SEO strategy deck.

Will Drexel or LeBow offer a digital marketing degree program?

This is something I hope to see in the future!

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