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There are only a handful of SEO audit templates and guides that really stand out. It was extremely tough to rank these so I did so at random. They are all awesome, so use the one that best matches your SEO skills and style.

Annie Cushing’s Site Audit Checklist

Aleyda Solis’s SEO Templates

Distilled’s Technical Audit Checklist for Human Beings

SEMRush’s Ultimate Site Audit

Steve Webb’s ‘World’s Greatest SEO Audit’

Here’s my own SEO audit example. Sorry, there isn’t a template yet.

Top SEO Audit Templates, Guides and Lead Gen Pages According to Social Media

I used Ahrefs to identify the top content about SEO audits according to the times they were shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

SEO Audit Report Template by Pagezii Marketing (Read it)

My take: This template has potential but is too basic for agency use. For the price of your email address, you get a PowerPoint and Word template with a few basic SEO slides for things like keyword rankings and the tools you used. There are other, more specific SEO audit downloads available on this page as well.

How to Create (and Complete) an SEO Audit Report for Your Clients from Alexa (Read it)

My take: The supporting blog post for this template is actually better than the template itself. It does a good job at promoting the associated Alexa Site Audit tool. The actual Alexa SEO template, which is free for download, leaves a lot to be desired. It has the most basic SEO elements but is missing so much in terms of modern SEO.

SEO Audit Report & Schedule Templates: Make Actionable Recommendations by Aleyda Solis (Read it)

My take: This is one of the top SEO audit templates available, with an amazing tutorial to go along with it. Aleyda’s audit covers the basics, more advanced SEO issues and even some items not found in any other audit. The audit is laid out in triage order, broken into easily-identifiable sections to help keep things organized for both the client and the SEO. This post and its corresponding template are must-reads for SEOs of all skill levels.

SEO Audit 101: Your Guide to a Foundational SEO Audit by Advision (Read it)

My take: There isn’t a downloadable SEO audit template here but there are plenty of resources for beginner SEOs. It covers, at a very high level, what goes into an SEO analysis. If you’re a veteran SEO, you can skip this one.

How To Do Local SEO For Your Website in Five Minutes (or So) by Andrew Shotland, the Local SEO Guide  (Read it)

My take: This is a great place to start when thinking about Local SEO but isn’t robust enough to stand on its own. Think of it as more of a launch pad into Andrew’s other work that goes into much greater detail. Seeing this on the list of “most socially shared” has inspired me to create a post for niche-specific audit guides, such as local, pharma, consumer, etc.

35 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Features from Popular SEO Tools by Databox (Read it)

My take: I’m not sure why this post appeared on this list, but it’s worth the read. Real digital marketers give you the pros and cons of some of the most popular industry tools, such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz. It could be meatier, but it’s a great example of creating something valuable by getting multiple, expert perspectives. Plus, you’ll probably use these tools to perform your audits.

[Your Content Might Be HURTING Your SEO – Our Google Sheets Template Automates An Audit And Tells You The Results! (Read it)

My take: First off, it’s sad that Growth Hackers essentially got the social credit for the actual template, which can be found here. But that’s a fight for another day. The actual audit template by Ryan Stewart is pretty impressive and one of the few that dares to dive into server logs. That’s some pro SEO stuff. Additionally, it covers off on the core components of SEO: content, links and, of course, tech.

How to Use SEMrush to Amplify Your Content Marketing by 99signals (Read it)

My take: This is a thin affiliate post for SEMRush. 99signals does have a lot of great content but this one just isn’t super helpful. For posts on how to use SEMRush, I’d go right to the source.

How To Charge The Right Prices For Consulting – Credo (Read it)

My take: Another anomaly on this list, this post by John Doherty’s Credo still belongs here. Chances are, if you’re doing an SEO audit, you’ll want to get paid. This post demonstrates how to get paid effectively by focusing on communication. Typical John, being great at communicating.

What is the Best SEO Strategy to Rank Content in 2018? by Pixel Productions (Read it)

My take: This is a solid primer on SEO but doesn’t really meet the needs of someone who is performing an audit. It feels a bit scattered but has some helpful tips and a solid delivery, so it’s worth the read even if it misses the target.

Why Your Website NEEDS an SEO Audit by Alba SEO (Read it)

My take: More of a sales pitch than a resource, don’t expect this post to help you crush your next SEO audit. It does, however, offer some questions you can ask to further enhance your own audits. But it will be up to you to track those answers down.

SEO Audit Template 2017 [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Vivid Lemma (Read it)

My take: The template looks sort of promising but I can’t actually download it. I tried subscribing. No dice.

FREE SEO Audit: Get A Search Engine Optimisation Audit Of Your Website (Read it)

My take: Another lead gen page for an agency. Pretty well done, but not what I’m looking for.

5 Underrated SEO Audit Gems That You Just Can’t Afford to Ignore Anymore (Read it)

My take: Yet another lead gen page. At least it has a few thought-starter questions you could use to look for guidance elsewhere. The title says “underrated” but the items they list (aside from AMP) are core SEO issues every audit should include.

The SEO Content Audit Template by Coding is for Losers (Read it)

My take: I REALLY want to take this content audit for a spin but it looks like the site is having issues with downloads. I’ll check back on this one later because it looks like a very smart content auditing tool.

Content Audit Template: The Ultimate 3-Step Guide to Performing An SEO Content Audit by Josh Frisby (Read it)

My take: This content audit template is definitely worth using and the supporting post contains a lot of elements SEOs should become very familiar with. It has the human audience in mind but with a technical SEO’s lens. I like it.

Have a favorite SEO audit template? Drop a line here or on LinkedIn and I’ll update this list.

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