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I’m going to take a break from FB. Call, text, etc. Just recently I feel I’m seeing things for the first time.
Just to be 200% clear, this is a positive message and I am doing very well.
Call it what you will, but depression/anxiety and the meds to treat it have prevented me from experiencing so many amazing things in my life.
I feel like I’m seeing my wife, really seeing her, for the first time in years and I love her so much.
I feel like I’m just seeing the house we bought together for the first time. It’s beautiful.
It hurts to think about all of the time I haven’t really been present over the past decade, but I won’t be focusing on that now.
Dana has a saying, “Keep it moving!” That’s what I intend to do.
I love seeing what you share about your lives: weddings, kids, events, jokes, new adventures. Maybe we can share some of those in person, instead.
I love you all and hope to see you soon.
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I am a Technical SEO Manager in Philadelphia by day and gamer by night. All opinions and bad jokes here and on social media are my own and do not represent the beliefs of any organization.

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