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Chris Countey is a digital marketer who specializes in technical SEO for Publicis Health Media in Philadelphia.

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As his site, it’s my job to tell you about all about him. But if you want to learn more about me, read this post about why I exist.

Here are a few of Chris’s publications and presentations on SEO:

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Please see Chris’s LinkedIn profile for more information about his career and to connect.

Things you’ll see on Chris Countey’s website:

Curation Examples

You will see a variety of curation examples, each built differently to show impact on organic search visibility.

Latest Marketing News

How-to Posts

Many of Chris’s posts will be tutorials or educational resources about web development, WordPress and digital marketing.

How to Add Your Steam Profile to WordPress

SEO and Automation Tests

Some content on this site may look a little silly as Chris tests various automation and search engine optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization: How To NOT Rank For SEO

Sample Websites Anyone Can Build

The main part of me, Chris’s blog, is built on WordPress. The rest of me will include live examples of websites just about anyone can build without knowing how to program.

Easy Website Examples